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     Dr. McDaniel's herbal pain lotion was originally formulated in 1996 for the relief of Arthritis pain. the initial y6 week clinical trials revealed some amazing results. Patients reported using it on themselves and their families for burns, bruises bee stings, sprained ankles and cuts gave very fast relief from pain and very rapid healing with only one application of 2 drops. Sprained ankles healed overnight with no swelling. Bruises healed within hours of the injury. burns would virtually heal before your eyes within one hour. As year clinical trial followed patients with severe arthritis to see what long term use would o and to document allergic reactions. We found that joint degeneration reversed, the patient's joints healed in time, varying from 1yr. for hands to 5 yrs. for knees and hips. this formula provides nutrition for the cells through the skin and healing begins immediately. the uses of this formula are too many to list. If you have pain, come try it for yourself. Just rub on 2 or 3 drops and your pain is gone in about 45 seconds. It takes 2 minutes to relieve migraine headaches and 10 second for a sore throat.