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P.O. Box 341
Stonewall, TX 78671
(210) 846-4094
APRIL 3&4, 2004
This contract agreement is for the LOCC Show only. This agreement is between Fredericksburg Trade Days and:

Name: ________________________________________________Address____________________________________________

Company Name: __________________________________________City: _______________________State: ______ Zip: _______

Hm Phone: _______________________Wk Ph: _____________________Fax: ____________________Email: __________________
Description of merchandise: ________________________________________________________________________________
Texas Sales Tax permit #: (Copy Required) ____________________________________________________________________

A. Renting Spaces
• 1. The management will rent space only to vendors who follow Vendor Guidelines pertinent to federal, state, and local laws
and ordinances, and exhibit appropriate vendor behavior.
• 2. Vendors must have a current Texas Sales Tax Permit. Call Texas Comptroller at 1-800-252-5555 for information.
• 3. Each vendor is responsible for payment of sales tax to the City of Live Oak. As promoter of this event FBG Trade Days
is required to submit the names and addresses of all exhibitors to the Civic Center management.

B. Setting Up at the Civic Center
• 1. Vendors may start setting up on Friday April 2, 2004 between 10:00 a.m., and 7:00 p.m., and Saturday–7:00 a.m.–9:00 a.m.
• 2. All merchandise must be removed from the premises by 7:00 p.m. April 4, 2004.
• 3. Management requires all Vendors to be set up and manning your booth during show hours: 9-6 Saturday, and 9-4 on Sunday.
• 4. No other vendor may set up in your space with you without prior approval from management.
• 5. Vendor loading and unloading will be done only through the rear and side doors of the building.

C. Vending
1. All Vending spaces belong to the City of Live Oak, and each Vendor rents his space at the pleasure of the owner and
Fredericksburg Trade Days management.
• 2. Vending must occur from rented spaces and may not exceed the space boundaries.
• 3. No food or drink may be brought into the building either for selling or private consumption.
• 4. Aisles must be kept free for traffic flow with all objects either on or under tables.
• 5. Each Vendor is solely responsible for his/her merchandise/property and business transactions. Merchandise left
unattended is done so entirely at the owners risk.

D. Firearms and ammunition:
• 1. All ammunition must be contained in sealed containers.
• 2. All firearms shall be under constant supervision by the individual vendor that owns said firearms and all firearms shall
be covered or in some way secured during non-show hours.
• 3. The finding of a loaded firearm and/or clip or magazine shall be reason for eviction of a vendor from the show.
• 4. Vendors will comply with all gun laws including those in regard to convicted felons and in regard to laws relative to the
sale of firearms to individuals under the age of 18 ( for rifles and shotguns) or the age of 21 ( for handguns).
• 5. Any firearm brought onto the premises shall be rendered inoperable by plastic tie with the exception of guns worn by
duly licensed officers
who attend the show or are hired to work during the show.

F. Miscellaneous
• 1. No nails/screws or any other things will be driven into any portion of the Civic Center.
• 2. Each vendor is responsible for any damages/theft they may cause to the building or it’s contents.
• 3. No pets allowed in the building.
• 4. No merchandise or trash is to be left in your space after the show.
• 5. No smoking allowed in the building. (City of Live Oak Ordinance 992)
• 6. Fredericksburg Trade Days and the City of Live Oak will not be liable for any personal injury or property loss caused
by calamitous weather, accidents, or theft.
• 7. Management reserves the right to restrict the sale, display or distribution of any printed materials, photographs, books,
paraphernalia or other representations deemed undesirable in order to maintain a proper, moral, wholesome, environment.

G. Payments
• 1. Personal checks will only be accepted from Vendors paying in person for advance reservations.
• 2. All payments made the week of the show either by mail or in person shall be in cash, money order, or a cashier’s check.
• 3. There is a $25.00 charge on all returned checks, all future payments will be made in cash or money order.
• 4. There will be no payment refunds, transfers, or credits.
• I have read and agree to abide by the terms of this contract

Signature of Exhibitor_________________________________________________________Date ______________________

Signature of Trade Days Management ____________________________________________ Date ______________________